Pinp is the app where user make the login with the social media and create account.
After creating account user will locate its location in he app and the circle of 20 kilometre, where we are getting the app register user in that area.
user can chat with those user are coming in crowded area for the group chat of that radius and private message.

  • Also user can see all the Facebook events of all register app user in the app, those who have register in app with Facebook.
    The PINP app Idea and foundation is done by Gemito Gennaro Mattia and developed by MMD TEAM.
  • PINP is the super and fantastic app for chatting with the nearest crowd, to see the events near around you in city, and location of your friends and family with this app.
  • PINP give the options to login with the social media like Facebook, google and also you can login with create account.
  • After login app you will go in Map screen and user will able to see his current location in the map and see a circle for crowded area.
  • Click on circle you will see the Group chat will open – Here you can chat with the users who is near in 15 kilo-meter distance and if you want to make a privte chat and want to see the user name close the group chat box and you sill see the user.
  • Tap on the markup username will look and you can select for personal chat.
  • In PINP user can set his image as profile pic and will see the username and all options notification for chat Private message, group message will notify you, also you can set the notification on off.
  • You can see all the event of the near around you with your location – when you click on the glass icon you will got all the events of Facebook – you can create events in Facebook or anyone who will create events if that is user of app or not you will get the details of that event in our app.
  • The app is coded by – MMD team for Gemito Gennaro Mattia.

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